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Who To Go To For What 

Go to the Main Office if:
.you need to see the Principal
.you need to check for Lost and Found items
.you need to have an announcement made for your club or organization 
.you need a Work Permit
.you need to check or pay for financial obligations
.you need medical assistance and the nurse is not in
.you need to deposit money into your lunch account
.you need to pick-up homework during an illness
.you need a medical form to have medication administered during the school day
.you need to fill out an accident form due to being injured at school
.you need to buy a yearly or daily parking permit
.you need city bus information
.you need to make an emergency or urgent phone call 
.you need to pick up an Age of Majority form

Go to the Main Office/Attendance Desk if:
.you need to excuse an absence
.you arrive late to school
.you received an automated phone call at home regarding an absence and need information
.you need to pick up a pass to leave the building for a pre-arranged absence
.you need medical assistance and the nurse is not in

Go to the Associate Principal’s Office if
.you have a problem with a street locker
.you are removed from class for behavior issues
.you need to make a change in your emergency contact information (address, phone, or family information)

Go to the Counseling Office if:
.you want help in choosing courses/careers
.you need to find out your proficiency status
.you have a personal problem or a concern about friends/family members
.you want to add or drop a class
.you want to see your cumulative record
.you need military information
.you need college or scholarship information
.you need transcripts
.you need testing (SAT, ACT, PSAT, etc.) information
.you need graduation information

Go to the Activities & Athletics Office if:
.you need information about school activity groups or sports teams
.you need school calendar or special schedule information
.you need information about sports physicals
.you need to pick-up or submit your athletic forms
.you need to pay an activity/athletic fee
.you have a question about a sports locker
.you need information concerning your co-curricular eligibility (athletic and/or activities)

Dr. Jeffrey Fleig
Grade 12 Administrator

Denise Roszak
Principal's Secretary

Vicki Maloney

Kathy Johnson

Alexandra Garcia-Bankowski
Associate Principal

Jason Termaat
Associate Principal

Cindy Kowalski
Associate Principal's Secretary


Ante Udovicic
Activities, Athletics &
Recreation Coordinator
Activities/Athletics Twitter 

Gail Kablau
Logistics, Activities &
Athletics Secretary

School Counseling
Office Contacts