School Counseling Office

Vision Statement
The philosophy of the Developmental Counseling Program of the School District of South Milwaukee is to assist all students within our educational setting to develop to their greatest potential socially, personally, intellectually and vocationally (career focused).  The school counseling program is an integral part of the educational mission of the School District of South Milwaukee.

Mission Statement
The comprehensive Counseling Program is developmental in nature.  It reflects the progression of student development from kindergarten through Grade 12.  The Counseling Program is delivered by licensed counselors through the guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services and system support.

The K-12 Counseling Program assists students in acquiring and using life-long learning skills.  More specifically, this program fosters strategies to acquire skills in alignment with the nine developmental guidance competency areas as outlined in the Wisconsin Developmental Guidance Model (WDGM), and in collaboration with the National Standards for School Counseling programs.

Counseling Office Social Media Accounts

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Grade 9 = Text @c3acd7 to 81010
Grade 10 = Text @cked8 to 81010
Grade 11 = Text @@kecddb to 81010
Grade 12 = Text @mrgcle to 81010



Dr. Jeffrey Fleig
Grade 12 Administrator

Jason Termaat
Associate Principal
Grades 9/10 Administrator

Ron Rivard
Associate Principal
Grades 11/12 Administrator

George Cleveland, Counselor
Grades 10-12 (A-G)

Amy Harrington, Counselor
Grades 10-12 (H-O) & 
Alternative Education

Shannon Enloe, Counselor
Grades 10-12 (P-Z)

Courtney Talley, Counselor
Grade 9 (all students)

Christopher Daniels
School-to-Work Coordinator

Dr. Victor Moreno
School Psychologist

Molly Gallegos
School Social Worker

Wendy Parise, Secretary
Counseling Office

Kathy Wunsch, Secretary
6-12 Grading/Scheduling 
Located in Library Room 1131