Safety & Security

Message from the School District of South Milwaukee Superintendent, Rita Olson, and South Milwaukee Police Chief, William Jessup

The School District of South Milwaukee makes school safety and security a priority. We have provided formal training for all staff members regarding what to do and how to respond in school emergency situations and continue to provide that training in small group settings. We also provide training drills at all schools with students on a regular basis for different types of emergencies. We frequently have information and formal discussions regarding how to improve and enhance our safety plans. 

We are committed to providing the safest environment possible for students and faculty, and we welcome suggestions as we continue to assess and adapt to our school community needs.

Please follow the links below for more information related to safety and security at South Milwaukee High School.

Police Liaison link

Student Handbook link 


Family and community members, outside vendors, and others visiting South Milwaukee High School are required to check in at the Main Office (Door 9) during school hours, and obtain a visitor badge when arriving. Visitors must also check out from the same office they checked in when leaving the building. All visitors entering the building will be asked to present an official driver's license or other government issued ID.