Regular and prompt attendance is necessary for student progress and becomes part of the student’s permanent record.  Poor attendance is a major cause for failure and dropping out of school.  Both students and parents/guardians share the responsibility for good attendance. 

Detailed information about Attendance Expectations are outlined in the Student Handbook.  Please read through the full policies, so you are aware of the expectations and discipline actions for noncompliance of the policies.

For questions or concerns about student attendance, please contact the grade administrator for your student.

Grade 9-10 Alexandra Garcia-Bankowski, Associate Principal
Grades 11-12 Jason Termaat, Associate Principal


Attendance letters are sent weekly to notify parents of attendance concerns.  Did you receive a letter? Follow this link for detailed explanations of attendance letters.


When students are absent, they can email their teachers for homework requests. Should there be extenuating circumstances requiring a long-term absence, parents should contact the student's guidance counselor.